Coins Add Up!

Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches across North America participate in My Coins Count-- an intergenerational effort of collecting coins throughout the year to raise funds for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). The coins and larger donations are taken annually to Relief Sales for counting, sorting, and depositing.  

Join the effort by collecting coins and bring them to the Pennsylvania Relief Sale! 

Date: April 5 & 6, 2019
Location: PA Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg

Coins collected at the 2019 Sale will be donated to MCC's Peace Programs.

Looking for a way to highlight the theme of Peace in Children’s Ministry or in general? This packet from MCC has a lot of great ideas!


To learn more about how a church or organization can participate, visit My Coins Count to download a poster, can wrapper, and other materials.


Spread the word. Order My Coins Count wrappers by emailing to label containers for spare change, or create individual containers to gather contributions. View and print wrappers and posters.

Get people excited! The best way to get people excited is by telling stories about the difference the coins will make! Visit these links to stories on waterfood, or education.

Collect coins in Sunday school or during offering time. Involve the children and make it joyful! 

PA Relief Sale 2018 335.jpg

Learn & Sing the My Coins Count song.

Track your progress. Use a large container – one church used a wheelbarrow – to collect change over time. Others make posters or charts to capture progress. Set goals and have fun rewards.

Make a match. Invite adults to match the contributions of the children and quickly multiply the impact.

Wondering what happened to Penny Power? The name My Coins Count replaced it. Same concept, same program, same support!